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At Rapidaire Ltd we distribute a wide range of high quality clipping machines from a leading manufacturer, Lorenzo Barroso for wrapping food products.


Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team are able to guide you through the products we have available, while our expert engineers are able to build or install your new clipping machine. Get in touch with your requirements and to arrange a quotation today.

Stainless steel clipping machines in Haverhill, Suffolk

Rapidaire Clipping Machines

For more information on our clipping machines call 01440 703 537

Clipping machines

Machines for closing bags, netting etc around various products like sausages, pudding casings etc.

Stainless steel construction.

Table Top Clippers (Prices from £1,680.00 EX VAT)

Hemgrap Manual

H1 Pneumatic

H2 Pneumatic

E3 Stretch clipper

Double Clippers (Prices from £7,000.00 EX VAT)

HD2 Double Clipper

HD3 Double Clipper

Z1 Clipper


Horizontal Clippers (Prices from £,2,400.00.00 EX VAT)


Helvac DA

Vacumn Clippers (Prices from £18,875.00 EX VAT)

Clippers connected to a filler. (Prices from £18,000.00 EX VAT)

SK4-90 Semi auto



Clipping machines    from

Lorenzo Barroso